Building Relationships: Moving Customers to Preference

HP Executive Briefing Center: Briefing and Content Management

Before investing in new IT infrastructure and technologies, HP customers are eager to learn more about HP’s vision and product roadmaps, meet key executives, and see detailed product demonstrations. These activities are important for moving customers from the consideration to the preference phase of the buying cycle. The HP Executive Briefing Center, and the briefing managers that run daily account visits, play an important role in helping customers make this transition.

Given On The Mark's reputation for providing consultants that have broad business, marketing, and sales background, HP asked us to:

  • Supply trained sales support personnel to work with sales representatives to design and execute onsite customer briefings
  • Develop and manage content to promote briefing center capabilities to both HP customer and sales audiences
  • Track, synthesize, and report on briefing center usage and effectiveness
  • Manage the submission process for the Association of Briefing Program Managers’ (APBM) annual recognition awards. In 2014, HP won several:
    • World Class Center
    • World Class Marketing
    • World Class Management
    • World Class Planning
    • World Class Measurement

In a single year, On The Mark helped HP host over 800 customers and open a new briefing center in New York.

“We couldn’t do it without On The Mark. Their consultants are top-notch, sales- and marketing-savvy go getters. Working with On The Mark is smooth and easy. They are very collaborative and communicative, enabling me to focus on important matters and not worry about vendor management.”
HP Executive Briefing Center Manager

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