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Business, Marketing, and Technical Writing Services

On The Mark clients routinely ask us to distill both business and technical content into materials that support all aspects of the buying process, from awareness to preference and purchase.

CSC Alliance Marketing

CSC hired On The Mark to manage all the writing and formatting of a multi-piece sales kit for each of its 15 strategic alliances. Not only did we meet tight deadlines for over 75 sales enablement tools, we also helped CSC’s partner marketing team improve the speed (from days and weeks to hours) and cost effectiveness (often by more than 60%) of its writing and graphics processes. Based on this success, a couple of years later CSC asked our writers to refresh the sales kits.

"On The Mark's writing capabilities and project management experience were put to the test. We asked them to work across multiple alliances, collaborate with multiple personalities, interact with diverse corporate cultures, and meet stringent timelines. Their hard-working, friendly style not only produced our much needed results but also made my life much easier."
CSC Global Strategic Alliances Communications Manager

VMware Writers and Graphics Pool

The VMware Professional Services Marketing team has a constant need for new sales collateral, social media and web copy, event materials, and other internal and external assets. VMware asked On The Mark to assemble a team of writers and graphic designers that would be ‘on call’ for projects of all sizes. Not only has the pool improved time-to-market performance for delivering new assets, it has also enabled VMware to significantly reduce its writing-related marketing spend.

"On The Mark manages a pool of experienced B2B writers and graphic designers that have become familiar with our business, team members, branding requirements, and internal processes. This pool of experts delivers a multitude of marketing assets on a large variety of topics. The results are always professional. On The Mark has made our lives much easier and helped us better manage our budget."
VMware Marketing Manager

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