Got It Covered: Comprehensive Marketing Strategy and Management

Aztec Software: Marketing Strategy and Plan for the U.S. Market

Aztec is a software development services company with operations in India, and sales and marketing in the U.S. Shortly after opening its U.S. office, Aztec wanted to strengthen its U.S. presence and grow its marketing team and programs. An Aztec senior board member recommended On The Mark and shortly thereafter one of our consultants joined Aztec as the interim Vice President of Marketing.

On The Mark put in place a marketing team consisting of product marketing, marketing communications, and sales support people. The team studied the market and competition, interviewed customers and prospects, and created a thorough marketing plan to drive growth. To support the plan and sales, the marketing team led efforts to identify and qualify prospects, develop and conduct sales training, work with customers to capture success stories, and produce a variety of outbound tools to assist with personal selling. Within a few months, the new department was up and running, effectively supporting multiple parts of the business.

On The Mark ignited a fire under our marketing activities at Aztec. In a very short amount of time, we delivered a well-documented, fact-based marketing strategy and plan, engaged in helping Sales pursue deals, trained new sales representatives, and established a solid marketing team with defined roles and responsibilities. It was a pleasure working with On The Mark and I hope to have that opportunity again in the future.” Aztec Software Product Marketing Manager

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