Turning a Startup’s Vision Into Reality

Project1918: Corporate Marketing Strategy and Plan

Named by a very loyal Boston Red Sox fan, Project1918’s vision was to become the first and best online marketplace for non-patented intellectual property (IP). Project1918’s goal was to enable large companies, primarily services firms, to monetize their IP, ranging from services methodologies to M&A tricks of the trade, business strategy assessment tools, project management processes, and much more.

Project1918 needed to develop an identity for the new company and for the new market space they were creating. They wanted help with two core objectives: (1) developing the proper positioning for the target audience, and (2) organizing, growing, and leading a new marketing department that could execute a well-thought-out marketing plan. Project1918 hired an On The Mark consultant as its VP of Marketing to lead the effort and team, and engaged other On The Mark consultants to assist with implementation.

As is typical with our engagements at startups, On The Mark reported directly to the CEO. Early tasks included conducting market research, developing target audience profiles, gaining buy-in on a marketing strategy, and assigning responsibilities within the new marketing department. Together, On The Mark and Project1918 marketers:

  • Evaluated ten market research firms and their offerings
  • Selected and purchased relevant subscription services
  • Analyzed new research and conducted web research and industry interviews to develop a detailed marketing strategy, client segment profiles, and a competitive analysis
  • Hired and directed a market research firm to conduct focus groups for conceptual product/service testing
  • Hired and managed a branding firm to develop a new company name and associated positioning
  • Created numerous sales tools
  • Worked with business development to refine sales pitches
  • Provided management with regular budget, timeline, and resource estimates

The results speak for themselves:

On The Mark created the infrastructure and direction for proper market positioning, developed relationships with key analysts that were eager to help Project 1918 define and create this new market, and left behind a strong marketing team to continue driving the marketing strategy and plan.

"On The Mark is staffed with senior marketing executives that love to get their hands dirty and make things happen. They are brilliant marketers and fabulous team players. They move smart and quick."
Project 1918 CEO

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